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8.30am to 4.30pm daily


Choose your week

Week 1: 31 May to 4 June

Week 2: 7 June to 11 June

Week 3: 14 June to 18 June


Select from 3 different tracks:

- Culinary & Etiquette

Explore four different countries, cuisines and cultures as you travel around the world from one place and compete in a Cook Out on the final day!

- Body & Fitness

Feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins with these thrilling activities and a combination of fun sports and skills development merged with relaxation exercises.

- The Arts

Be a star and shine bright like a diamond while showcasing your talents, with one day dedicated to a special musical performance!




Keep your children meaningfully engaged this June!

Our well-loved 5-day camps encompass creative, physical & experiential activities.


Crafted holistically, our high teacher to student ratio ensures your child cultivates new skills while having fun.






1 Week Open Minds Holiday Camp @ Splash

S$650.00 Regular Price
S$390.00Sale Price
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