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Our Concept

The Tiara Society promotes creative and imaginative play through dress-ups amidst magical and fairytale settings. We have an extensive walk-in wardrobe with over 200 costumes for children and adults. Our iconic pumpkin carriage which was designed and built for The Tiara Society also served as the central point for children to gather.

We have created several chambers such as the vanity chamber, kitchen and dining chamber, and baby care chamber for endless hours of safe and comfortable play.

Accompanied by soothing music and caring Princesses, we have promoted a calm and comforting environment for the children to hang out.

Our Academy has conducted several Etiquette sessions focused on character and skills development. Sessions included Dining Etiquette, Good Manners, Party and Social Etiquette, and Stranger Danger. We have also conducted several Interactive Speech and Drama sessions accompanied by themed crafts.

The Tiara Society has developed our very own Talent Quest sessions and supported many children with stage and confidence building.

Most importantly we have made the dreams of over 1000 Princesses come true by surprising them with the best of Princess Parties.

We continue to rejoice in these moments to develop the young ones and their ever growing creative minds.

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