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We want you to be part of our society! Be a Royal Member for $55 (lifetime membership) today to enjoy exclusive perks, merchandise, and invites to exclusive events and parties!

Royal members of The Tiara Society will receive perks across all our brands and merchandise, including Once Upon A Time, The Secret Chamber, Open Minds by the waters, and Open Book by the waters.

Membership Privileges:
Lifetime Membership
1 free 2-hour play-session to Once Upon A Time
Discounts to Once Upon A Time (Indoor Playland)
Discounts to The Secret Chamber (Escape Room)
Privileges to book Birthday Parties in Once Upon A Time
Exclusive invites to private events and parties
Loyalty points to redeem play sessions or merchandise
Inclusive Membership to Open Minds Masterclass Packages
Inclusive Membership to Open Book Preschool Enrichment


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