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Entry Passes

(Payment of adults and extra pax)


"If the adults are not coming for the party but would like to join at the end

only for cake cutting and photo taking, is that ok? And do we still need to pay?"

Unfortunately no, we do not allow parents to drop in for cake cutting and photo taking. If a parent wishes to stay there is an additional charge of $15 which the party host discusses with our staff in terms of payment.


“Can I swap children’s passes for adults and vice-versa?”

Yes. If your package has 2 adult passes left over you may swap these for 1 child. If your package has 1 child left over then you may swap for 2 extra adults. However, for any more, there is a $15 charge per adult pax. For extra children, it is dependent on the party package, ranging from $65-$85 per child. Depending on the package the host has bought, the additional child entry fee ranges from $65 to $85 per child.


“I am a member with a complimentary play session, can I use this for an extra guest?”

No. Complimentary play sessions can only be used for play sessions. They can not be offset for extra guests at your party.


“If I bring in outside entertainment/photographers/artists is there a charge?”

Yes, the $15 additional adult charge applies to any outside entertainers, including but not limited to: face painters, magicians, singers, dancers, photographers, etc. If you book extra entertainment through our third-party providers this fee is waived.


“Where can parents go if they don’t want to pay to enter?”

Our East Coast venue is in a great location. Directly under our premises, we have a small selection of cafes, lunch/dinner options, and a Burger King and Old Town Coffee. We are also a 15-minute walk from Parkland Green.

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