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Experience the culture, discover the etiquettes and appreciate international cuisines. 

Dates:                          20th July - 29th August 2020

No. of sessions:          Up to 10 sessions

Duration:                     2 hours per session

Ages:                           6 years old and above

Price:                           S$15 per session*

Travel-in-Style is a virtual learning experience that takes your children on learning adventures across the globe from the comfort of your homes. Visit up to ten countries over a span of six weeks.


Each session will expose your children to the following:


Culture - from the clothes the locals wear to the languages they speak 

Social Etiquette - the different manners and customs adopted locally  

Cuisine - the unique dining etiquette and their favourite delicacies 

Dine-in-Style is Open Minds' highly acclaimed programme where children enjoy wonderful meals sent directly to their homes and dine together with friends virtually. Continued from Travel-in-Style for an additional 30 - 45 mins. 

Parents may choose to order more than one meal for their family and friends of the same household.



per session*

Available Packages

S$150 / 10 days

Get the first 2 Dine-in-Style meals FREE

S$75 / 5 days

Get the first Dine-in-Style FREE

S$45 / 3 days


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