There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of competition on your Royal Princess or Prince’s special day! Invite their friends for a royal carnival of games to see who is the best at shoot arrows, a fun swords routine and other tournament games!


( In line with the Phase 3 measurements, only 8 children are allowed within the party room. )


Participate in the exclusive party tournament games:

  • Bow and Arrow
  • Swords Routine
  • Ring Toss


This party includes:

  • E-invitation Cards for Guests
  • Balloons for Guests
  • Exclusive Birthday Gift
  • Princess Host
  • Cake Cutting Ceremony
  • 1 Hour play session in Once Upon A Time
  • 2 Hour use of Party Room
  • Banquet Meal

Royal Knights Party

Goodie Bags - $100


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