What it includes :


1 RockStar Host

Party for 2 hours and 20 kids


Basic Decorations

Karaoke Singing Setup and Sing Along


Cake cutting ceremony & phototaking 

Rockstar / PopStar / Karaoke Party

Feather Boa & Goodie Bag - $12 each
Balloons & Bon Bon Table
Additional Kids
Food for Adults
    • The Tiara Society assumes no responsibility for loss or injury.
    • I indemnify The Tiara Society against any claim relating to the loss of personal belongings or damage arising out of personal injury to party guests from any cause.
    • Negligence in care of gowns, accessories and/or toys at The Tiara Society may lead to nominal sum as penalty.
      • A charge of $15 for stains on gowns
      • A charge of $30 for tears on gowns
    • The deposit is non-refundable and the remaining 50% payment will be made promptly at the end of the party.
    • The Tiara Society is catered to provide a memorable experience for the guests mostly catered to the children.


    • Please do practice care with use of gowns and all accessories from The Tiara Society Wardrobe chamber. Our friendly staff will assist with selecting and trying on gowns at all times.
    • The Tiara Society takes reasonable care to ensure the safety and well-being of your child during playtime.
    • Cake for the children will be served following the change-out from the gowns we provide (Cake is not inclusive in the above party booking charge)
    • There is a charge of $100 for party extension for every 30 mins, starting from the time the party ends.


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