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Three-hours of non-stop fun learning with baking.

Best of all, limited adult supervision needed!

Dates:                          21th July - 29th August 2020

No. of sessions:          Up to 8 sessions

Duration:                     3 hours per session

Ages:                           6 years old and above

Price:                           S$40 per session including ingredients*

Bake-in-Style is a virtual learning experience for your children to explore a passion for baking sweet and savoury treats to share with the whole family. 


Each session will expose your children to the following:

Tools - discover the different tools needed and learn how to use them

Techniques - learn how to execute the different techniques in baking

Recipes - get up to 16 easy-to-make recipes to create yummy treats to reuse for a lifetime 

The Bake-in-Style Baking Kit is a colourful box of kid-friendly tools for your children to use in the kitchen. Complete their learning experience with the right tools!

Ingredients are provided for all recipes. 

A preparation list will be sent to you before the commencement of each session.



per session including ingredients

Available Packages

S$320 / 8 days

Get Baking Kit & a pass to Travel-in-Style FREE

S$75 / 5 days

Get a pass to Travel-in-Style FREE

S$45 / 3 days


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